About the Talking Math with Your Kids Store

"What should I buy as a math-y gift for an elementary-aged child?" 

"We have books around the house for reading; what should we have in our home for math?"

"Where can I buy those turtles my child played with at the fair?"

These are the questions I get as an educator writing for parents at Talking Math with Your Kids. And now the Talking Math with Your Kids store is the answer. We're starting small in November 2015 with the aforementioned turtles and a few carefully chosen books. We have plans for expansion if the idea is well received. 

Everything here is run in house (literally—in the house). This means we may move a little more slowly than the massive online warehouses, but it also means you know you can find the proprietor by email and on Twitter. (Also they don't have beautiful wooden tiling turtles.) 

Best of all, you know that we'll turn your well-spent dollars into more math-y goodness here in the store, on the blog, and out in the real world.

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