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The Summer of Math

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You want to keep your children's math minds active this summer. But maybe you're not certain what that will look like.

The Summer of Math is here to help.

The Summer of Math is a subscription service. Each month June, July, and August we'll send you a box of mathy fun that includes—at minimum—a book, a plaything, supplies to extend the learning, and at least one secret surprise bonus. We'll throw in a newsletter with information about each month's goodies and suggestions for additional math play that will help make this the most fun and mathiest summer ever.

New this year! Summer of Math for the older kids! While there's plenty of smart fun for the older ones in the original Summer of Math subscription, there's now an option aimed at the 11 and up crowd. More sophisticated; equally delightful.

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Additional Info

One week before each box ships, we'll send you an email detailing that month's contents, and give you the opportunity to make a substitution, deletion, or to have us throw a little something extra in that month's box.

All Summer of Math items are selected for 5—10 year-old children, and may contain some smaller bits that would be inappropriate for children under 4 years. Barring that, the contents are appropriate for playful thinkers of all ages.

Shoot me a note if you have questions or requests of any kind. We'll work something out together!

Questions and answers

Do I have to know any special math to participate?

No! Think of this just like summer reading. You don't need literary theory to read fun books with your child, and you don't need fancy math knowledge to play with mathy things together. In both cases, you keep an important part of your child's mind active, and in both cases, you bond over something fun.

What kind of books are we talking about?

New, interesting, and delightful are the key words. And variety. A beautiful mathy coloring book, a couple of awesome activity books, a gorgeous story book and Which One Doesn't Belong? will be making their way to your doorstep.

What about the toys?

This has been a productive year at Talking Math with Your Kids. Only a fraction of the mathy playthings we've been working on have made their way to the store so far. There will be turtles, yes. And spiraling pentagons. And 21st century pattern blocks (these are beautiful, promise!) And a couple of awesome things that only a figment of our imagination right now, but which—with your subscription—we will bring to life from sustainable hardwood, a laser cutter, and 20 years' worth of teaching and learning.

Can I just sign up for one month?

No. But you can order a Highlights box that includes four favorites from the summer, together with a couple small surprises.

The Highlights box ships in July.

Can I delay a shipment while we're on vacation?

Yes. Let us know your needs when you sign up, or when we send a shipment preview email, and we'll make sure to ship when you'll be home.

Do you have other questions? Ask them by sending an email to talkingmathwithkids@gmail.com